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Buy These 3 Non-US Mutual Funds for Grand Returns

Buy These 3 Non-US Mutual Funds for Grand Returns

Buy These 3 Non-US Mutual Funds for Grand Returns

Non-U.S. mutual funds provide excellent choices for those looking to diversify their investment across a wide range of foreign countries, including both emerging and developed nations. Thus, investing … Continue reading at

Puerto Rico Rebound Lures Mutual Funds Back to Island’s Bonds

Traditional bond buyers are going back to Puerto Rico. After shunning the U.S. territory for much of the past six years, municipal-bond mutual funds are again buying the government's debt as it recove… Continue reading at

4 Aggressive Growth Mutual Funds to Buy in 2019

Investors who are willing to bet on highly risky instruments could find aggressive growth funds extremely profitable against regular growth funds, owing to the ability of the former to generate … Continue reading at

Mutual Funds Strategies

Global Mutual Fund Transfer Agent Market Drivers, Key Manufacturers, Opportunities And Forecast To 2026

A customer or investor in mutual funds performs a number of transactions such as buying, selling, switching units, and other request services on a daily basis. Every mutual fund institute maintains a … Continue reading at

3 Global Equity Mutual Funds for 2019

According to Lipper's latest fund flow report, stock funds investing globally registered strong inflows in 2018. At the same time, global equity funds reported inflows of $ 0.13 billion for the week en… Continue reading at

Mutual Funds Strategies

4 MFS Mutual Funds To Buy Now

Renowned global asset manager, MFS aims to provide an array of financial products and services to fulfill the needs of investors as well as 10,000 investment professionals. Based on assets raised in t… Continue reading at

How To Avoid The Worst Style Mutual Funds – Q4 2018

The large number of mutual funds has little to do with serving your best interests. Below are three red flags you can use to avoid the worst mutual funds. The following presents the least and most … Continue reading at

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00:22 – Introduction and background of guest
01:20 – Tracing Chris's life journey
01:54 – Discussing the importance of life-long learning and openness
02:26 – Learn about a creative test which can help you determine if a person has a high degree of openness
04:30 – The 3 default types of people according to Chris Voss
05:31 – Can you become a master negotiator if you do not have a high degree of openness?
05:55 – How a high degree of emotional intelligence can help you become a better negotiator
06:33 – Chris elaborates on negotiation strategies used by FBI
07:18 – Learn how Chris ended up as the only FBI agent ever to take up the course on negotiation in Harvard Law School
07:53 – Negotiating strategies that Chris employed while dealing with his boss who attempted to prevent him from going to Harvard Law School
10:48 – Discussing the bearing of negotiation on success
13:03 – Is it okay to treat negotiation as a game?
13:36 – Should you bring emotions into your negotiations?
16:24 – Discussing the tendency of people to treat negotiations as nefarious
17:11 – The dark side of emotional intelligence; should you be wary of people with extremely high emotional intelligence?
18:20 – What are calibrated questions, and how are they important for negotiations?
21:50 – Do negotiation strategies work only on a particular generation?
22:41 – Do millennial's have a high degree of emotional intelligence?
25:36 – Should you employ a different negotiating strategy for dealing with millennial's who have less experience in dealing with people?
27:15 – Discussing the current trend where women representation is becoming larger and larger
28:14 – Paul shares how he saved 22 grand on his Ford Expedition using Chris's negotiation strategies!
28:47 – Using calibrated questions to positively affect negotiations
30:41 – What is the likelihood of folks reacting negatively to calibrated questions?
32:29 – What happens when you push someone to an absolute limit in a negotiation?
34:09 – Chris shares an important negotiating mantra - A bad deal is worse than a no deal
35:40 – Discussing the importance of empathy in a negotiation. Is empathy more important than even assertion?
36:00 – How do you practice for best results in negotiation?
38:07 – How can you learn more about Chris's tactics?

Mutual Funds Strategies

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