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Altria: Invest For The Dividend, Hold For The Growth

Altria: Invest For The Dividend, Hold For The Growth

Altria: Invest For The Dividend, Hold For The Growth

Altria’s 6% annual dividend provides safety net for investors. The recent share price decline warrants another look at the overall fundamentals. Recent investments in JUUL and Cronos come with … Continue reading at

Why Simmons First National (SFNC) is a Top Dividend Stock for Your Portfolio

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How To Invest Million Dollars Without The Stock Market

Normally, this type of high-rate, liquid investment doesn't exist. However, I was able to work with an insurance carrier to structure a policy that met his needs. The indexed universal life insurance … Continue reading at

Dividend Investing

How to Invest in Cruise Line Stocks

Investors can reinvest these dividends back into the cruise stock to grow their position. The single biggest risk to investing in a cruise line stock is tied to economic downturns, because a weakening … Continue reading at

Investor Beware: 2 Sell-Worthy Dividend Stocks That Could Leave a Dent in Your Retirement Fund


The 7.13% dividend, while safe on paper … as Canadians continue to gravitate towards lower-cost, do-it-yourself investing models. Gone are the days of +2% MERs, and here to stay are the days of low … Continue reading at

Automatic Income: How to Use the Power of Dividend Investing to Beat the Market and Generate Passive Income for Life
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Get Rich with Dividends: A Proven System for Earning Double-Digit Returns (Agora Series)
2016 Book of the Year award winner by the Institute for Financial Literacy”Set it and forget it” investing, with less risk and hig…

Mastering Stocks: Strategies for Day Trading, Options Trading, Dividend Investing and Making a Living from the Stock Market
Master the Stock Market. There is no doubt that many have become wealthy by trading alone. However, the stock market can be risky …

Dividend Investing

Deep Value Dividend Growth Portfolio: 4 Great Buys Last Week

The Deep Value Dividend Growth Portfolio is the culmination of 23 years of investing experience and five years as a professional dividend company analyst. It’s the strategy I plan to adopt for all … Continue reading at

Cash Dividend On The Way From Air Lease (AL)

In general, dividends are not always predictable … Inc. This article appears in: Investing, Options Referenced Symbols: AL Continue reading at

Can You Trust in IBM's Nearly 5% Dividend?

The iconic American institution has also proved to be a remarkably good investment over past decades. For years, IBM stock consistently traded higher while offering investors a growing dividend. Continue reading at

Apartment Investment and Management Company Announces Valuation of Special Dividend is .02 Per Share

Apartment Investment and Management Company ("Aimco") AIV, +0.06% today announced that the value of its recently announced special dividend is $ 2.02 per share. On February 3, 2019, Aimco’s board of … Continue reading at

Combining Fast Growers with Steady Dividend-Paying Stocks

Michael Collins is a Founder and Portfolio Manager for GROW Funds LLC. Mr. Collins' career has spanned over 50 years starting as an investment banker and the last 30 years as a registered investment … Continue reading at

* Best Dividend Stocks 2019? Home Depot is projecting that by 2020 annual sales will reach 0 Billion. With an uptick in operating margin, a 3%+ yearly share buyback, along with an over 2% dividend the shares are a great long term compounder. The shares are currently down close to 20% from the highs.

Dividend Investing

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    • John Hynes
    • March 15, 2019

    Hey, Wake up!! Freddie Mack and Fannie May!! What's happening? 30% gains, you recall your recent post. Please perform an update as something Big seems to be going on. Keep up the good work.

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    • JOHN VICTOR Gelsomino
    • March 15, 2019

    I'm loading up on XRP TRX (CRYPTOS). V, VZ, F, &;T are on my stock radar.

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    • I have a good point
    • March 15, 2019

    I just sold Home Depot.
    I expect it to go back to the low 100s soon, then I'll buy back.

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    • George Oommen
    • March 15, 2019

    Do you actually want to buy Home Depot when the housing market is collapsing ?

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    • Angel Martino
    • March 15, 2019

    I love the massive buyback it puts a floor on the stock. Huge and growing dividend too. The dividend will most likely double over the next 5 years. Home Depot is an amazing company!

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    • Ariel Noel
    • March 15, 2019

    Would you buy McDonald's or HD? Which do you think is a more solid pick? Thanks!

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    • Space Documentary
    • March 15, 2019

    I'm not going to buy any stocks until I see some real red in the market. I'm so tired of this endless green everyday bs. It's like interest rates aren't a threat and somehow everyone's forecasts and assumptions about the future have changed overnight LOL! Don't buy anything until we see blood.

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    • Sara Willis
    • March 15, 2019

    I'd wait to buy Home Depot on a major pullback as you mentioned. With buybacks and huge dividends the stock is definitely a solid pick.

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    • Ariel R
    • March 15, 2019

    I've been thinking about buying Home Depot but with an economic recession looming it's not a stock I'd like to buy unless it was significantly cheaper!

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