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Deep Value Dividend Growth Portfolio: 2 New Companies Added Last Week

Deep Value Dividend Growth Portfolio: 2 New Companies Added Last Week

Deep Value Dividend Growth Portfolio: 2 New Companies Added Last Week

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Introduction to Investing

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Introduction to Investing

Uniti Group slashes dividend to

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* Today’s video is about GE’s tanking stock price! It has completely plummeted and is down 87% over the last 18 years (comparing July, 2000 to November, 2018). Investors are concerned and perplexed by this stock. In fact, dividend growth investors are wondering whether they should buy, hold, or sell. In today’s video, I’m excited to share my personal stock analysis decision tree, providing a framework to help decide whether it makes sense to buy or sell!

First, I share some thoughts about GE and how they got to where there at now! (It really comes down to huge debt, poor acquisitions, and high operating costs.) In fact, GE recently cut their dividend to .01 per quarter, a trivial amount.

Dividend history already foretold a bad pattern for GE dividend investors:
9/2017: 0.24
12/2017: 0.12 (This was a big warning, a red flag)
11/2018: 0.01

Then, I transition into my decision tree process, a framework that takes emotion out of the equation. My decision tree allows investors to objectively look at stocks that are falling in price, making logical decisions on how to proceed.

I always like to write out my decision tree. It’s a great time to journal. Here are the specific questions covered into today’s video:

1) What type of investor am I? Dividend, deep value, contrarian, growth, etc. Today’s decision tree is for long-term dividend investors. While GE may be very interesting for deep value, the criteria for a dividend investor is different. I invest for cash flow, for the dividend income!

2) Is the dividend cut temporary or permanent? How long am I willing to wait? Depends on when I want to retire and use my cash flow. What kind of yield on cost would I even see? Dividend investing is about predictable (and growing) cash flow.

3) Why did I buy it? Do I really understand it and have conviction? Or, did I buy on emotion and what the pundits said? GE is a very confusing company. If I don’t understand the company, I don’t want to own it.

4) Have the fundamentals substantially changed since I purchased?

5) Do I want to hold this company for the long-term or forever? I don’t want to hold companies that I don’t want to keep forever. I like to buy and hold forever. If I don’t, I like to consider selling.

6) Do I feel good about this company? Does it motivate me to keep me pressing forward?

7) Given where the stock is right now, can I achieve a better yield on cost elsewhere? Sometimes, it’s easier to cut the loss and place capital in a better opportunity stock.

8) Could I utilize the capital loss for tax purposes? Up to write off up to ,000 capital loss per year. (Also can cancel out gains, although not as applicable to dividend investors.)

I’m on Instagram (I'm @ianlopuch). Please make sure to reach out:

Here’s my original GE investing analysis:

Sometimes, deep value investing and dividend investing coincide:

I find an investing journal to be really helpful:

I have made my fair share of investing mistakes. Here are my top 5:

Here are my top 10 favorite dividend growth stocks of all time:

Here are my thoughts on taxes for dividend growth investors:

Here’s my BP stock investing video (I personally own this dividend stock):

Disclosure: I am long BP (BP) and 3M (MMM). I own these stocks in my stock portfolio.

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor, and PPC Ian videos, Excel files, and content are just for entertainment and fun. PPC Ian videos, Excel files, and content are NOT investment advice. Also, I’m not a tax advisor and PPC Ian videos, Excel files, and content are NOT tax advice. Please talk to your licensed investment advisor before making any financial decisions. Please talk to your licensed tax advisor before making any tax decisions.

All PPC Ian videos, Excel files, and other content are (c) Copyright IJL Productions LLC.

Introduction to Investing

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    • packfan9234
    • March 21, 2019

    You're just right, at current evaluation the stock has nothing to offer. I used to disagree, I bought ge at sub 6 per, sold over 10 per, but to buy and hold…listen to the good man ian's channel, dont do it. It simply isnt worth the implied risk.

    View Comment
    • Steven Upton
    • March 22, 2019

    38 stocks means 1 or 2 are expected to plunge , and lack of attention to detail means 13 will underperform, 10 gives better diversification and control, warren buffet can only control 25 i d feel arrogant to think i could handle more than buffet in his prime

    View Comment
    • Daily Stock Updates
    • March 22, 2019

    This is what I think about GE stock…

    View Comment
    • Alex Robbins
    • March 22, 2019

    Ian's got 38 stocks and GE ain't one

    View Comment
    • Passion
    • March 22, 2019

    I started investing for dividends after watching all your videos. I was playing with buy low sell high for capital gains but found it is somewhat stressful. But I am happy to say, with the money I have invested in dividend stocks, I have received my first payout for $13 and another for $30. And….. there is more to come. Although this is ups and downs, my capital likewise includes appreciated little bit already. I am going to focus on getting my share counts up since I have few companies I have selected for the long long term. Again I thank you for the videos Ian and you help me to get motivated and stay on track. It is very very exciting to know I'm getting paid by the companies I invest in. This might just get too addictive. Cheers Ian!

    View Comment
    • Aj C
    • March 22, 2019

    Ian – I like your detailed dividend analysis of GE. Perhaps there is a cautionary tale of cutting losses somewhere – by 12/2017, the price was around $18-20. What should the poor investor who got in near the highs of 60.5 in 2000 have been thinking during this time? Should he have waited out all the way to 2017 as the price continued to decline?

    View Comment
    • Won'tGet FooledAgain
    • March 22, 2019

    I haven't watched the video yet, but I surmise that you will say don't touch it because the dividend has been cut way back and the prospect of a turnaround are tenuous. I will now watch and see if My instincts were right or were wrong.

    View Comment
    • SonicScooter
    • March 22, 2019

    Please stop saying you own 38 stocks, we know, and if someone doesn't they can watch your previous vids….argh.

    View Comment
    • khareef el
    • March 22, 2019

    Terrific piece of advice on how to emotionally deal with a portfolio!!! Thanks!!!

    View Comment
    • Inside Diane's Life
    • March 22, 2019

    Question: I want to diversify. Is there a sector that is not as stable right now? I was just starting to investigate Basic Material and it doesn't look like it is doing well right now. Also are you able to talk about what sectors you are in or talk about the sectors in general. I am new to dividend investing, but it would appear to be more my personality. I just need to diversify.

    View Comment
    • Ryan Paladino
    • March 22, 2019

    Always appreciate your insight, thanks Ian!

    View Comment
    • Albert Street Smart Investing
    • March 22, 2019

    GE is a no go!

    This video reminds me of the analysis i tried doing a few weeks ago on disney but i had a youtube error uploading.

    In my opinion, GE needs to revamp and focus on a dedicated sector. When it comes to Aero and Defense, Boeing is the most popular and i don't even know much about that sector just the word of mouth and preference that society likes.

    One good question i asked myself is about competitors. Who is the most dominant competitor in this sector and are they smashing the competition. People quickly forget when you invest into a business, you have to make it your business by always being involved. Thats your money being supported by it!!

    View Comment
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