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Fund investors flee stocks for bonds even as equities have best quarter in years

Fund investors flee stocks for bonds even as equities have best quarter in years

Fund investors flee stocks for bonds even as equities have best quarter in years

Investors around the globe withdrew money from equity funds in the week ended March 20, continuing a trend that has colored stock markets since the start of the year, even as major benchmarks have … Continue reading at

Australia’s Top Pension Fund Buys Stocks, Shuns Cash, Bonds

Australia's best-performing pension fund is going against the grain by avoiding cash and bonds, betting the 30-year investment horizon of its youthful members means it can ride out looming economic … Continue reading at

Priority Income Fund: Take A Look At This 6.625% Term Preferred Stock IPO

Overview of Priority Income Fund’s new preferred stock – PRIF-C. Brief review of the company. Comparison with the sector. Comparison with all the fixed-rated term securities that pay a fixed rate … Continue reading at

Stock Funds

3 Hartford Mutual Funds to Buy Now

Investors can click here to see the complete list of Hartford funds. Hartford Small Company HLS HDMBX invests in common stocks of companies that have strong capital growth potential. HDMBX’s … Continue reading at

The stock market just got hit with a vicious trifecta that could accelerate its next major meltdown

According to data compiled by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, fund managers pulled loads of money of out stocks even before Friday’s sell-off. It amounted to a vicious trifecta that handed US stocks … Continue reading at


Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth: How You and Your Financial Advisor Can Grow Your Fortune in Stock Mutual Funds
Preface: Over the course of the last three decades, I’ve been an advisor to individual investors, and now – for want of a better d…

ETFs for the Long Run: What They Are, How They Work, and Simple Strategies for Successful Long-Term Investing
Praise for ETFs For The Long Run “As the title of the book suggests, ETFs are going to be an increasingly important reality for a …

Stock Funds

Best And Worst Q1 2019: Mid-Cap Growth ETFs And Mutual Funds

Buying a fund without analyzing its holdings is like buying a stock without analyzing its business and finances. Put another way, research on fund holdings is necessary due diligence because a … Continue reading at

Tech Stocks This Week: Apple Rises, Instagram Launches Checkout Feature, and More

Square stock was the subject of some bullish analyst commentary this … enabling them to spend proceeds from sales instantly without depositing funds into a checking account. The card also gives … Continue reading at

Does Recent Weakness in AbbVie Stock Make It a Buy? 3 Pros, 3 Cons

ABBV stock makes up 5% of the pharma industry exchange-traded fund's current portfolio. Losses continued following AbbVie's latest quarterly report. In it, we saw 2019 guidance fail to excite … Continue reading at

Stocks took a big hit Friday, and these shares fell the most

Only one day after crystal-clear dovish signals by the Federal Reserve helped push stocks higher, fear of a recession sent … policy announcements on Wednesday -- to leave the federal-funds rate … Continue reading at

CANADA STOCKS-TSX futures fall on lower crude prices

Toronto Stock Exchange S&P/TSX composite index was up 77.03 points … Aritzia Inc: Canaccord Genuity raises price target to $ 23 from C$ 21 Boyd Group Income Fund: CIBC raises price target to C$ 161 … Continue reading at

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    • Starry Skies
    • March 23, 2019

    Wow, that was an All Dogs Go To Heaven reference near 3:42:23, that's dope.

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    • Simon Hansen
    • March 23, 2019

    2:29:54 Wow, was that a Trigun reference???

    View Comment
    • Bard Therony
    • March 23, 2019

    Think at this point their greatest foes are doors and some guy named Murphy. (Murphy's law)

    View Comment
    • Bryan Hansen
    • March 23, 2019

    "You get the sense that that was a loud noise because it was a… thunderstep." The exasperation is palpable. 2:08:00

    View Comment
    • Jarerum
    • March 23, 2019

    Mighty9 just turned evil

    View Comment
    • Knightess
    • March 23, 2019

    Man it would have been amazing if Matt played The Fields of Ard Skellig when Fjord took the helm

    View Comment
    • Marcos Avalos
    • March 23, 2019

    R.I.P. dueces…

    View Comment
    • Lightning Point
    • March 23, 2019

    This is the most glorious dumpster fire I've ever seen! I love it!

    View Comment
    • Jordan Goldberg
    • March 23, 2019

    As a film student I appreciate that opening.

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    • Haley Schueller
    • March 23, 2019

    Fjord: I don't want to kill him.
    Caleb: He could hurt Jester's mom though.
    Jester: D:
    Fjord: ……….We'll make it quick.

    View Comment
    • Ike Noonie
    • March 23, 2019

    1:22:00 Liam doing the beetle voice is too good.

    View Comment
    • Tad Dad
    • March 23, 2019

    think matt pulled a dick move with making the guy run to the people who were threatening him, rather than away from this whole conflict.

    View Comment
    • Blas
    • March 23, 2019

    ( ?? ?? ??)

    View Comment
    • DerJagerlord
    • March 23, 2019

    This whole ep reminds me of Operation Impending Doom:
    "I put the fires out.."
    "Worse….or better?"

    View Comment
    • RavenStorm31
    • March 23, 2019

    lol 37:40 ish mark omg lol everyone but laura and sam are having a blast, laura looks like shes about to bust out the popcorn and sam/nott is just like…wtf guys lol!!!!!!

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