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Do Indian Equity Mutual Funds Generate Alpha When Adjusted For Risk?

Do Indian Equity Mutual Funds Generate Alpha When Adjusted For Risk?

Do Indian Equity Mutual Funds Generate Alpha When Adjusted For Risk?

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Mutual funds close FY19 with 11.41% growth in AUM at Rs 23.8 lakh crore

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Mutual Funds Investing

3 mutual fund trends to show what FY19 meant for investors

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Mutual funds that invest in themes or sectors good for medium term

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Mutual funds’ Zee group exposure hits investors

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After criticizing the idea, Vanguard to launch low-cost commodities mutual fund, but it ain't for Mom-and-Pop investors

Local mutual fund giant Vanguard will launch an extremely low-cost commodities mutual fund, but the minimum investment is $ 50,000. That's not generally aimed at retail investors– and there are good … Continue reading at

* – Covered calls are for the long-term stock investor that is looking for a steady or slightly rising stock price for at least the term of the option. This is generally a capital intensive strategy because you have to be long at least 100 shares of stock to sell a covered call.

The trading setup consists of selling an OTM call option against your stock position for a credit (let’s say .50). This credit is then used to reduce the cost of owning the stock by that same credit.

If the stock never rallies beyond your strike price then you keep the credit as a profit against the position. However, if the stock rallies beyond that strike price of the short call you would give up your stock at that price and bank any profit between your net purchase price and the strike price.

As you can see a covered call is a good strategy because it keeps some upside potential in the stock but also reduces the net cost of owning the stock.


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    • Aj Giordano
    • April 11, 2019

    Kirk, Love the videos and I am hooked on covered calls lately. With all the valuations this high its a great way to get a discount on quality stock.

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    • Brian Lingenfelter
    • April 11, 2019

    I thinking about using a covered call now. I need to know where I have to find the volatility of the stock owned. The problem I have is finding the premium accredited to the account an finding out which point to buy the covered call at. Meaning the stock at the bottom of it's bearish cycle. I was thinking of buying a covered call 2 strikes out of the money an a130 days out on the time line. Most brokers won't let beginners do too much past the covered call in the beginning. I use Thinkorswim too.

    View Comment
    • ar0d422
    • April 11, 2019

    so when you say that the the stocks will be taken out of your account and you will need to buy them back what does that mean exactly. Does that mean that the profit in this case $110 will be put into my account and the transaction is over? I don't get the buying the stocks back part

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