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US tech stocks push Norway’s $1 trillion oil fund to best ever gains

US tech stocks push Norway's $1 trillion oil fund to best ever gains

US tech stocks push Norway’s trillion oil fund to best ever gains

In an email sent on Thursday, Tesla reminds employees they can be fired or sued for leaking and gives some recent examples. “I wouldn’t buy one at all … It sounds like a playboy’s truck, instead of … Continue reading at

The U.S. Stock Market Can't Stop, Won't Stop Its Endless Rally

Well, not exactly. In fact, money has been leaking from stock funds all year. Investors have pulled $ 134.2 billion from global equity mutual funds, according to a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. analysis of … Continue reading at

Wall Street Weekahead: Record-breaking rally leaving energy stocks behind

Weak gasoline and petrochemical margins along with record U.S. crude production have weighed on refiners and integrated oil companies this year, yet fund managers and analysts say that energy stocks … Continue reading at

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Apple Stock For Apple Employees: What You Can Learn From Employee Stock Options

If you dig into any other mutual funds, index funds, or Exchange Traded funds you will likely find Apple stock there in most of those holdings. The same goes for Google and Microsoft. As you keep … Continue reading at

Energy and tech companies help pull stocks broadly lower

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"You saw stock market weakness, you saw bond yields rising, and you saw the Fed funds futures continuing to shift away from pricing in a rate cut in the near future." The Standard & Poor's 500 index … Continue reading at

ETFs for the Long Run: What They Are, How They Work, and Simple Strategies for Successful Long-Term Investing
Praise for ETFs For The Long Run “As the title of the book suggests, ETFs are going to be an increasingly important reality for a …

Swing Trading For Dummies
Take advantage of price swings in strongly trending securities and pump up your portfolio! Want to know the strategies of successf…

The 100 Best Exchange-Traded Funds You Can Buy 2012
Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are the most dynamic new investing opportunity around. ETFs offer you an efficient, cost-effective, a…

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How much lower would the stock market be without corporate buybacks?

Given that growth stocks with high momentum have powered market gains since … The final scenario studies the performance of the S&P 500 total return index if companies reinvested buyback funds into … Continue reading at

DIVCON And The Five Worst Dividend Stocks Of 2019

We recognize that the ETFs we manage may not be right for everyone and we also know that some investors prefer to pick their own stocks in addition to investing in funds, so in an effort to help … Continue reading at

Meet the 5 rising stars presenting their investment ideas at the world’s highest-profile hedge-fund conference

See more: Investors are jumping back into hedge funds as they prepare for a stock-market drop That focus on the short side of the portfolio -- Bayberry invests long and short in small- and mid-cap … Continue reading at

Roku Stock Is Still Not for the Squeamish

Roku stock price more than doubled to $ 75 by October … from favoring their own offerings over any competitor. Even hedge fund operators, who are supposed to be smart, don't know what to … Continue reading at

The stock market is enjoying the best year in decades -- but a bullish pattern suggests it's just warming up

The pattern has emerged in small-capitalization stocks, notably the Russell 2000 index RUT … pattern also is forming in the Dow Jones Transportation Average DJT, +1.59% Funds that mimic the closely … Continue reading at

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