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How To Avoid The Worst Sector Mutual Funds In Q2 2019

How To Avoid The Worst Sector Mutual Funds In Q2 2019

How To Avoid The Worst Sector Mutual Funds In Q2 2019

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Mutual Funds Trading

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Mutual Funds Trading

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* When Tesla (TSLA) shares are down, the bulls scream that the stock must be on “sale…” If Tesla stock is up, the bears predict its inevitable crash…
I think both extremes are wrong!

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Mutual Funds Trading

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    • Denis Volyntsev
    • June 29, 2019

    I really like the content, but it's hard for me to stay focused because of the way you unwrap the topic – feels lil bit slow and passive. Thank you for this anyways!

    View Comment
    • FDK
    • June 29, 2019

    Tesla Q2 will be a disaster. Elon guided 90-100k cars sold. It looks like they might make 85k. That's not so bad, right? Well then you need to acknowledge that Tesla has cut prices at 6 times this year and they will only manage the 85k by offering huge discounts on the already cut prices. Compared to q4 2018 which is Tesla's current record quarter the average sales price will be at least $30k lower, probably closer to $40k lower. This means another huge loss in q2.
    Tesla is managing the 85k by pulling forward demand and selling off inventory at rock bottom prices. This means q3 will be another disaster as Tesla is not making enough cars to hit the sales volumes needed with inventory gone.

    View Comment
    • FDK
    • June 29, 2019

    But Tesla does not have good products. They are "luxury" cars that looks like shit. They constantly break and are horribly expensive to repair. The "autopilot" systems seems to love to run into stationary objects. The paint wears off within 6 months. The rear bumper falls off in heavy rain. Driving on unpaved roads voids warranty.
    They are garbage cars that happens to do 0-60 mph very quickly and for some reason people have decided that that excuses all the other faults.

    View Comment
    • June 29, 2019

    Well this is very very bad! Don't be a fanboy, try to be objective.

    View Comment
    • Jorge caj
    • June 29, 2019

    First ofall you . cant use the valuation metrics . for . tsla. You have no idea what . TSLA will be in the FUTUre you are only considering car sales . … Very short sighted. As . fas as capital. Are you kidding ? Their is a ton of . money that will easily give it to TSLA. Sorry . but you are completely wrong on everything

    View Comment
    • Jorge caj
    • June 29, 2019

    Great you .are comparing a blender to . TSLA. wrong

    View Comment
    • François Badoux
    • June 29, 2019

    I am glad of having finally put my money where my mouth is: I just bought 100 TSLA shares, plus some calls. I believe that the stock is presently ridiculously underpriced, based on the following simplistic, but forward-looking model:
    1. Does TESLA has a chance of becoming within 5-10 years the largest and most profitable auto manufacturer (whatever automobiles will be looking like 10 years from now!)? I believe that the answer to that question cannot be disputed in good faith: YES, TESLA has such a chance. They have been able to deliver consistently on one "impossible" objective after the other.
    2. But, how big is that chance is obviously very subjective. Is it 1% or is it 90%? Surely neither. For the purpose of the present estimation I choose a conservative 10% chance, based on what is known today. I actually believe that it is more like 50%… but that is an entirely personal view.
    3. Should TESLA be that successful, how much could it be worth and when? Well, let's use the value of $4'000 per share proposed by ARK Invest. And let's suppose that TSLA reaches that value 5 years from now.
    4. Now, let's discount that value by 5% a year, a fair return for a no-risk investment! Remember: in this part of the scenario, the price of $4'000 DOES happen, it is therefore no risk.
    5. Is TESLA running a risk of going bankrupt? Obviously, the answer is also yes. How big a risk? Let's say 50% for the purpose of the argument. I actually believe that it is much lower, as short to medium-term liquidity shortages are unlikely to bring it down, as too many people would be extremely motivated rescuing the company from short-term woes!
    6. And finally, let's suppose that TESLA has a 40% chance of staying a niche manufacturer, and that it's long-term share value would be what it is today, $220.

    Conclusion: The value of this scenario is:
    10% of $4'000, discounted 5% p.a. over 5 years = $313
    50% of $0 = $0
    40% of $220 = $88
    TOTAL for the scenario $401

    …and Godspeed to the shorters! ?

    View Comment
    • JPR
    • June 29, 2019

    Dude, there is not a EV from a competitor that is better technically than the 2012 Model S. Tesla is going to kill it in China which is going to change their cashflow and profit significantly

    View Comment
    • Bing Hyong-bae Bang
    • June 29, 2019

    That was the most clear, fair minded, and just down right smart assessment. I'm a long on the stock but you have provided some very good counter points. Thanks!

    View Comment
    • James Sempy
    • June 29, 2019

    bankrupt ? no. Musk will find $$$ if needed, even if he gets deluted.
    overvalued ? yes. TSLA is not a high tech co.
    managers left ?? may be they can't stand Elon's dictatorship …

    View Comment
    • Jeff Lowey
    • June 29, 2019

    The problem with Spicer is he doesn't understand disruptive tech or exponential growth. He's never driven a Tesla. He hasn't read any of the many books on Elon Musk or knows that Mr. Musk is the ONLY CEO to create 4 billion+ dollar companies, ever! Spicer trades like my dead grandpa.

    View Comment
    • Ervin Nemesszeghy
    • June 29, 2019

    I disagree with the comment that if there is a financial downturn investor will abandon Tesla. I see the opposite.
    In a financial down turn the other car manufactures will suffer more then Tesla. When money is scares "disrupters" has always an advantage, in my opinion.

    In a financial down turn, who has the better product at the right price will be more important, than in good times when companies can stay alive with outdated products.
    A financial downturn the "disruption" will be accelerated.
    Why short sellers were not mentioned, why that Tesla do not need to spend billions of dollars on advertisements compared to others , was not mentioned in the video.

    To decide if you should buy Tesla stocks, try to answer two questions. Does Tesla currently disrupt the Auto Industry?
    If there is a disruption happening right now, who is the leader of that?
    After answering those two questions, you should know what to do …
    Example for a passed disruption : Digital picture taking vs. the "chemical" picture taking ..
    Current disruption : EV vs. ICE.

    View Comment
    • Ken Seehart
    • June 29, 2019

    12:43 That's a massive misquote. Musk never said that. Please be a responsible journalist and check your sources. The leaked email said "[the 2.4 billion that investors gave us] … only gives us approximately ten months at the first-quarter burn rate to achieve breakeven. It's vital that we respect the faith investors have shown in Tesla, but it will require great effort to do so."

    There is no implication of a possibility of running out of cash. It's obvious if you read the whole email that the core message was: "Look, we got some money, but that doesn't mean we can go and squander it." But Musk knows the q1 burn rate won't continue, and it's not their last $2.4 billion.

    View Comment
    • anthony gomes
    • June 29, 2019

    talks too much about irrelevancies and gets his facts wrong. telsa has had 3 positive earnings quarters not one. "analyst" makes a big deal up front about how he is doing this pro bono and its not his real thing. maybe when he claims to be serious and is doing real analysis and you are paying him for it things might be better. might being the operative word.

    View Comment
    • anthony gomes
    • June 29, 2019

    the most important element is demand for the product. do you like the car? do you think others will feel the same way you do about the car? thats way more important than the numbers when you look at new cutting edge technology.

    View Comment
    • Edin Lopez
    • June 29, 2019

    This dude is a Tesla short seller…keep making more videos like this one, it's a good source of income. Investing is not your THING…

    View Comment
    • Santiago Aguado Russo
    • June 29, 2019

    Tesla has better fundamentals than ever, and its gone down haha
    So yeah, it is on sale :p

    View Comment
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