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Best And Worst Q4 2019: Large-Cap Value ETFs And Mutual Funds

Best And Worst Q4 2019: Large-Cap Value ETFs And Mutual Funds

Best And Worst Q4 2019: Large-Cap Value ETFs And Mutual Funds

Sources: New Constructs, LLC and company filings Stock Dividend Fund (SDIVX) is excluded from Figure 2 because its total net assets (TNA) are below $ 100 million and do not meet our liquidity minimums. Continue reading at

Is BEST Inc. (BEST) A Good Stock To Buy ?

Our research has shown that hedge funds’ large-cap stock picks indeed failed to beat the market between 1999 and 2016. However, we were able to identify in advance a select group of hedge fund … Continue reading at

Best Large-Cap Stocks To Buy Now

Our individual stock and industry rankings further below can help you spot profit-friendly ideas … The next table shows the highest and lowest scoring large-cap stocks in our universe based on our … Continue reading at

Large Cap Investing

These are Wall Street's top dividend stock picks for 2020

In our recent series listing Wall Street analysts' favorite large-cap, midcap and small-cap stocks for growth in 2020, we've seen a repeat pattern: Many of them are expected to bounce back after … Continue reading at

Is Autoliv Inc. (ALV) A Good Stock To Buy ?

Why do we pay any attention at all to hedge fund sentiment? Our research has shown that hedge funds’ large-cap stock picks indeed failed to beat the market between 1999 and 2016. However, we were able … Continue reading at

Large Cap Investing

3 of the Fastest-Growing Large-Cap Stocks on the Planet

In fact, these three large-cap stocks are some of the fastest-growing companies on the planet … With Shopify even acting as a point-of-sale platform for cannabis operators in Canada, it’s bound to … Continue reading at

The 10 Best Performing Large Cap Manufacturing Stocks of 2019

Large Cap

For reference, all the companies have a market cap above $ 10 billion and I’ve avoided defense companies as they have their … of the business after its noncore industrial business merger with Gardner … Continue reading at

Energy Stock Carnage Sets Up 'Rinse and Repeat' Start to 2020

Canada's energy gauge has advanced about 12% against Toronto's stock market gain of about 18% … "The 2020 backdrop continues to favor large-cap and globally diversified companies," the bank said in … Continue reading at

10 Large Cap Stocks Up 1,000% to 4,000% Over the Last Decade

This biotech outfit went from an unassuming mid-cap stock to one of the top biotechs by market capitalization … There are some runner-Ups who have been involved in acquisitions or which have made … Continue reading at

Here’s Why You Should Own Amgen Stock in 2020

Here’s what investors need to know about this top biotech stock right now. Image source: Getty Images. Like most large-cap biopharmas, Amgen is dealing with a host of major patent expirations at the … Continue reading at

* Sub Headline: Using Indexes as Yardsticks to Measure Portfolio Performance

Synopsis: Index-based investments are different than individual securities. You're likely to hear them called investment products, investment instruments, or investment vehicles. They're also described as passive investments since they aren't actively managed. Watch part 4 Indices as Benchmarks to Gauge Success from the series Index Investing with syndicated financial columnist and talk show host Steve Savant.
Content: Investors use indexes as benchmarks, or yardsticks of investment return. These benchmarks can help you evaluatethe performance of the overall market, particular market sectors and industries, individual securities, and active invest- ment management. For example, you can measure the performance of a large-cap stock portfolio of US companies against the S&P 500, the DJIA, the MSCI Large-Cap 300, or the Russell 1000.

What's more, since the goal of an active investment manager, whether he or she is overseeing a portfolio of individual investments or an actively managed mutual fund, is to provide a stronger return than the relevant index, you can evaluate the manager's results against that same standard. You'll find that some managers out- perform some of the time, but only a few of them are able to do so over extended periods.

Just because an investment outperforms its benchmark in a particular year doesn't necessarily mean it's right for your portfolio. You still want to evaluate each investmentin light of your risk tolerance, time horizon, and overall investment strategy. Similarly, an investment that misses its benchmark from time to time may still be a smart addition to your portfolio if it helps you diversify.

Not all benchmarks are indexes. Long-term bond yields, for instance, are commonly measured against the yield of the 30-year US Treasury bond. Similarly, the benchmark for cash equivalent investments is the return on the 13-week US Treasury bill.

Just as individual investors use market indexes to evaluate the returns their investment advisers are providing, institutional investors--including pension funds, endowments, and mutual funds-- use benchmarks to evaluate the professional

Contributions from the book Index Investing in this press release are used with permission from Light Bulb Press.

Syndicated financial columnist, talk show host and popular platform speaker Steve Savant features Index Investing. Steve Savant's Money, the Name of the Game is an hour-long financial talk show for financial professionals distributed online in 5 ten-minute video press releases Monday through Friday through Trans World News 280 media outlets, social media networks and industry portals. (

Large Cap Investing

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