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Dimensional to Cut Management Fees on 77 U.S. Mutual Funds

Dimensional to Cut Management Fees on 77 U.S. Mutual Funds

Dimensional to Cut Management Fees on 77 U.S. Mutual Funds

Dimensional Fund Advisors plans to reduce fees on 77 U.S. mutual funds, joining an industrywide push to lure customers with lower-cost investments. Average management fees will be cut 8% on an … Continue reading at

Dimensional Fund Advisors Cuts Mutual Fund Fees

Here's some good news--just in time for Christmas--for financial advisors and their clients. Dimensional Fund Advisors is reducing fees on 77 U.S. mutual funds, effective Feb. 28, my Barron's colleague … Continue reading at

4 Mutual Funds to Gain on High Holiday Season Sales

In that case, one could benefit from investing in funds focused on retail and financial services companies. After all, increased shopping will lead to more financial transactions, which is bound to … Continue reading at

Mutual Funds

3 Healthcare Mutual Funds for Stunning Returns

Companies that consistently offer dividends are financially stable and generate steady cash flows irrespective of market conditions. Mutual funds are perfect choices for investors looking to enter … Continue reading at

Mutual funds likely to consolidate its growth numbers in 2020; here are key factors

Mutual Funds

… tapered off towards the end of the year as investors did not see the index returns in their own funds. Besides, weakness in the mid and small-cap space dented the investor confidence, said Vidya … Continue reading at

Mutual Funds: Portfolio Structures, Analysis, Management, and Stewardship (Robert W. Kolb Series Book 4)
An authoritative, must-read guide to making more informed decisions about mutual funds Providing a balance of theory and applicati…

The Mutual Fund Wealth Builder: A Profit-Building Guide for the Savvy Mutual Fund Investor
"The Fabian trend-following plan is one of the simplest [and] most understandable, and is one that investors can actually live w…

Morningstar Guide to Mutual Funds: 5-Star Strategies for Success
Praise for Morningstar Guide to Mutual Funds “Picking actively managed mutual funds is no mean challenge. And as the recent era u…

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Why I Buy More Traditional Mutual Funds Than ETFs

If you only want to mimic a particular index, then ETFs are the way to go. If, however, you desire to achieve your ultimate financial goals, you might consider actively-managed Mutual Funds. Both … Continue reading at

Cincinnati investment advisory firm launches mutual fund

A Cincinnati investment advisory firm has launched its first mutual fund with plans to add more down the road. Red Cedar Investment Management, which operates from new offices at 14th and Vine streets … Continue reading at

Mutual funds add over Rs 4 lakh cr to asset base in 2019

The growth was much more higher at 32 per cent in 2017. (Photo: Representational/PTI) New Delhi: Mutual funds have added a staggering over Rs 4 lakh crore to their asset base in 2019 and the industry … Continue reading at

Sebi brings mutual funds, AIFs under stewardship code

"AMCs have been required to disclose their voting record since 2010, so this is just another step up on that,” he added. However, Suresh Sadgopan, founder of Ladder 7 Financial Advisories, said that … Continue reading at

Mutual funds add over Rs 4 lakh cr to asset base in 2019, expects momentum to continue in new year

The investor count is estimated to have grown by over 62 lakh during 2019, to 8.65 crore this year. In 2018, investors’ folio grew by more than 1.3 crore. Mutual funds have added a staggering over Rs … Continue reading at

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