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Biggest Philippine Fund Manager Sees 13% Stock Surge in 2020

Biggest Philippine Fund Manager Sees 13% Stock Surge in 2020

Biggest Philippine Fund Manager Sees 13% Stock Surge in 2020

Philippine stocks will see a turnaround in 2020 as faster economic growth and central-bank … A climb to bull territory in July faded as foreigners withdrew money from equity funds despite easing … Continue reading at

Don't Pay Virtus Zevenbergen Innovative Growth Stock Fund's Fees For Overvalued Stocks

Despite its 3 Star Morningstar rating, Virtus Zevenbergen Innovative Growth Stock Fund (SAGAX) is one of the worst rated funds in my firm's 8,000+ ETF and mutual fund coverage universe. SAGAX is in … Continue reading at

U.S.-Iran tensions will spark increased volatility -- here's how to play stocks, fund manager says

The U.S. killing of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani has ramped up tensions between the two nations, sending stocks into reverse and oil prices soaring. But what will happen next and will that … Continue reading at

Stock Funds

The Best Stock-Fund Managers of 2019

Winners' Circle: Needham Small Cap Growth, Baron Partners and Meridian Enhanced Equity Legacy were the top-performing actively managed U.S. stock funds in the latest rankings. Continue reading at

2020 Outlook: Look to Healthcare, Russian Natural Gas Stocks, Trump Winning Reelection, Says Hedge Fund Manager (Podcast)

Lukasz Tomicki of LRT Capital Management likes healthcare stocks and shares of Russian natural gas companies as the crucial election year 2020 gets underway -- an election he expects will culminate … Continue reading at

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Stock Funds

Controversial Dual-Class Stocks Get Their Very Own ETF

Typically, those dual-class share companies are called out for governance issues, whether it be one class of non-voting stock or one class of super-voting stock." The new fund, which will trade under … Continue reading at

Virtus InfraCap U.S. Preferred Stock ETF: Actively Managed, 10% Yield, And Reduces Risk

The ETF was created on May 15th, 2018 and has steadily been deploying capital since then. Currently, the fund has Assets Under Management (AUM) of only $ 95m, but this has been growing consistently. Continue reading at

Why Berkshire Hathaway Is the Top Retirement Stock to Own Now

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A Retirement Portfolio With U.S. And Asia Ex Japan Mutual Funds

The US and Asia stock markets have had long periods of big differences in their performance during … In this article we present the performance results of two strategies applied to a 3-fund … Continue reading at

Left’s Citron hedge fund posts 43% gain in first year

Andrew Left, who has long targeted companies that he thinks are over-valued through his work at Citron Research, told investors on Monday that his new hedge fund returned 43% after fees in 2019, its … Continue reading at

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    • GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)
    • January 7, 2020

    Hi folks, thanks for all the great comments. Great news – Episode 7 of this series is now live, here is the link:

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    • Gibran Sanchez
    • January 7, 2020

    The only doubt in my mind is this … Someone explain … So if these people have a website where they sell Gold & Silver, why is it that they are charging us in dollars? They're selling us their gold to only recieve the very thing they describe as bad (dollars). They're getting paid and recieving dollars????

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    • Continental Traveler
    • January 7, 2020

    This helps me understand why there is a bank on almost every corner of the main streets in my home town.

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    • John Goodeman
    • January 7, 2020

    2020 Checking in! Still fucked.

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    • John B
    • January 7, 2020

    This is why I pay my bill's and anything leftover goes into cryptocurrency and never comes back out.

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    • Len David Hart
    • January 7, 2020

    Sorry no globe, no planet, the bible talks about the ends of the earth, sorry Charlie! But i love theses movie type videos, and, thank you for posting/sharing.

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    • January 7, 2020

    So the Government creates and sends the Bondages to the Treasury and the Treasury accepts and sends it to the banks to create chexks and sends it to the federal reserves to print the currency and after that the currency is returned to thd Government which uses the currency for trivial reasons and not to support the cititzens everyone works hard for fake money the Government taxes steals the currency for themselves and the cycle repeats

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    • Ekyllier
    • January 7, 2020

    2020 !!

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    • Dani Boro
    • January 7, 2020

    The revolution was pre center bank. The first center back appears 50 years after the Constitution in Britten/England
    Another examples the writer doesn't know what his taking about.
    Conman, just enough trueth to look real

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    • eti3000
    • January 7, 2020

    Wouldn't it be much simpler to drop credit and interest. That's what driving this whole downward spiral. It is the easiest way to reconcile the past with the future. Would rather replace interest with an administrative fee related to the size of the credit applied for and capped to a limit of course.
    Other forms of speculative practices like stock exchanges and forex markets and the insurance industry would need to be strickly regulated as well…ie systems creating money out of nothing.

    I love your series immensely. Somewhere if read between the lines , the biggest issue is a return to worth and what we define as workable and tangible worth. A lot of revenue is created by manipulating an injust and unbalanced monetary system, thus perpetuating the effect of the system.
    Also, the elephant in the room would be who would be held responsible for the willful fleecing of the masses and how would restorative justice be applied. Its going to be interesting.
    My biggest fear would be that a large scale uncontrolled reset of the system would lead to massive unrest on a global scale.
    The consumer/ public needs to be educated to quiet down their spending drive. And that is going to take a lot of doing.
    Unfotrunately the system we are using at present have created such a lot of disparities that we have a 'have and have not classes' that somehow needs reconciliation.
    This situation that the banks or monetary system created needs to be carefully deflated over a long period.
    Thanx again for your input and advice. You are a hero!

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    • Ushir Shah
    • January 7, 2020

    Watching this again 5 years later… thanks Mike for putting in so much time and effort into this. 2020 is the year!

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    • Ushir Shah
    • January 7, 2020

    Since this was one of the most popular videos of your channel and can single handedly ensure people understand the truth how does one break this down into 3-5min segments so people get to watch it? Would that be a good idea?

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    • Dex-Earth Channel
    • January 7, 2020

    This video makes me want to cry on how evil our system is.

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    • Dex-Earth Channel
    • January 7, 2020

    Thank you Mike for exposing these filthy crooks!

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    • Niels
    • January 7, 2020

    The fractional reserve theory is outdated, money creation theory is correct.
    Credit does not need to reach a new account for it to be used to create more credit.
    The bank can create as much credit as it likes, its reserves never actually leave the banks, it does change hands, as banks loan these reserves to eachother for clearance at the end of the day.
    Nevertheless, the moral of the story and the dangers remain the same.
    But assuming the wrong theory means solutions differ, so it is important to understand if we want to solve this problem.
    Moreover, the solution lies not so much in the eradication of credit creation, but in the allocation of it. An increase in the money supply in accordance with GDP growth does not cause inflation. Credit creation for productive purposes will in most cases cause no inflation. But credit creation, aka. commercial bank lending, for asset transactions will always lead to inflation, this includes lending for home purchases and consumption. Please note that inflation doesn't occur in a global sense, it affects the price of the assets the money is being directed to, hence the insane increase in house prices, as the money for mortgages comes from commercial banks, causing more money to be present at the side of demand, meanwhile the supply of houses barely increases.
    We merely need to define the purposes for which commercial banks are allowed to lend, and force all other borrowers to go onto the capital market to get their loans.
    Also, breaking up the banks in order to have more smaller and local banks will result in overall better prosperity distribution, as big banks generally lend to big companies, and small banks tend to lend to smaller companies. And we all know that the driving force of our economies aren't the big companies, it's the SMEs.

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