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The Difference Between Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds

The Difference Between Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds

The Difference Between Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds

You keep hearing about these big hedge funds making big bets on stocks, but you’re only invested in mutual funds. They both pool together money from a group of investors and manage the total chunk of … Continue reading at

Mutual Funds Are Still Keeping Secrets

In my career in the securities industry, I have seen that a rising stock market brings falling interest in transparency, risk awareness and investor protections. With every new high in the Dow Jones … Continue reading at

Q1 2020 Sector Ratings For ETFs And Mutual Funds

This fact underscores that (1) cheap funds can dupe investors and (2) investors should invest only in funds with good stocks and low fees. Our Robo-Analyst technology[1] empowers our unique ETF and … Continue reading at

Mutual Funds Investing

Mutual Funds

When it comes to your mutual funds, managers’ political beliefs matter

Studying data from 2,500 mutual fund managers between 1992 to 2016, Darden School of Business professor Richard Evans and his co-authors, Melissa Porras Prado and Antonino Emanuele Rizzo of Portugal’s … Continue reading at

Fund Manager Who Skipped India's 'Hidden Gems' Nets 30% Gain

An Indian money manager has been able to double the gain in the country's benchmark stock index by concentrating on the most obvious choices.Marcellus Investment Managers delivered a 29.8% return from … Continue reading at

Investing in Mutual Funds: How to Create Wealth and Financial Freedom by Investing in Mutual Funds
Do you have some money to invest? Are you looking for long-term financial freedom? Would you like to be able to retire and not wor…

Mutual Funds for Beginners: How to Invest in Mutual Funds for Safe Investing and Great Profits
Many people are looking for a way to make their money grow. Investing is a great method of leveraging your money out to do all the…

Mutual Fund Investing: Why Some People Almost Always Make Money With Mutual Funds
Invest In Mutual Funds Like a ProDo you want to build a portfolio of funds that is tailored to your personal situation and goals? …

Mutual Funds Investing

Mutual Funds and Risk Management

Last week, the SEC settled an action it had filed against Catalyst Capital Advisors for misrepresenting the risk of one of its mutual funds, Catalyst Hedged Futures Strategy. (On the day of the … Continue reading at

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Mutual Funds Investing

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The Difference Between Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds

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