Trump’s budget could make it harder to stay on Social Security disability insurance

Trump's budget could make it harder to stay on Social Security disability insurance

Trump’s budget could make it harder to stay on Social Security disability insurance

Though President Donald Trump has repeatedly vowed to protect Social Security benefits, his budget includes big cuts to parts of the program. One proposal could make it more difficult for individuals … Continue reading at

How zero-based budgeting can transform your personal finances

Zero-based budgeting is one of the simplest forms of budgeting, in which you plan where your money will go before it comes into your account. Every last penny has a purpose, which is essential for … Continue reading at

Alaska governor proposes lottery amid budget woes

His budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year backs off deep cuts but would draw … Kiehl has advocated for changes to the state's oil tax structure and a broad-based tax, like an income tax. The … Continue reading at


Two items buried in Trump’s budget call for big changes to Medicare

While most of the proposals involving Medicare are largely aimed at behind-the-scenes shifts, the budget also would make it easier for older Americans to opt out of Medicare and would allow recipients … Continue reading at

Mnuchin Defends Trump Budget, Not Releasing Tax Returns

The department felt it was following the law by denying the request for Trump’s personal and business tax returns by House Ways and Means Chairman … said he was concerned about the budget’s plans to … Continue reading at

12 Laminated Wallet Budget Cash Envelopes with Tabs – Includes 12 Budget Tracking Sheets and Stickers | Tabbed Cash Envelope System | Money Budget Envelopes, Receipt, Planner or Coupon Organizer
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The Principal’s Guide to School Budgeting
Written for administrators who want to enhance their budgeting skills, this third edition incorporates new professional leadership…

Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide for Getting Your Financial $hit Together
Let's face it: Adulting is hard, especially when it comes to money management. In Money Honey, former financial advisor Rachel R…


State’s developmental disabilities services waiting list a budget priority for Stitt

When Justin Brown told state lawmakers he needed an additional $ 16 million for his state agency's next budget, he was met with a round of applause … or cerebral palsy were on a waiting list to … Continue reading at

Budget 2020: Personal income tax rate cuts need of the hour

Growth drivers are the recipe for the Indian economy to transform from its present state to becoming a $ 5 trillion economy by 2024-25. Towards this direction, the government reduced the headline … Continue reading at

Budget 2020 Expectations: Personal income tax rate cut must be avoided - here is why

FM Nirmala Sitharaman says ‘sorry’ for marathon speech The other popular expectation from the Budget is to provide boost to personal consumption by cutting personal income taxes, which according … Continue reading at

Can Budgeting Help Us Improve Our Personal Finances?

If you want to understand how you are spending your money, achieve your saving goals, and improve your personal finances, one of the most effective things you can do is to start budgeting. Continue reading at

Union Budget 2020: Expectations on the personal tax front

The fiscal budget event is that time of the year when the expectation of consumers from the government on the personal tax front soars. The recent cuts in corporate tax rates have further raised … Continue reading at

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Today’s Social Media Challenge for Younger Generations

Today’s Social Media Challenge for Younger Generations

One of the biggest challenges for the younger generations today, in business and trying to make their mark by building their personal brands via social platforms, is that all their screw-ups and “young” mistakes are out in public display for everyone to see. Continue reading at

Can today's IT shop satisfy business demands?

Successively administering your IT organization to perform like a business is an expectation all organizations require. Can you say with confidence that you control IT costs and transform your business simultaneously? One of the most exorbitant cost … Continue reading at

Today's Business Administration

The fact that the world of business has radically changed in recent decades is not a shocking revelation. Increasing globalization, constant advancements in knowledge-sharing technology, and a restructuring of traditional business hierarchies have made … Continue reading at

Business Management

Today’s Gender Reality In Statistics, Or Making Leadership Attractive To Women

Almost four in ten businesses in G7 countries have no women in senior management positions. Globally, the proportion of senior business roles held by women stands at 24%, up slightly from 22% in 2015. However, this minor uplift has coincided with an … Continue reading at

Sanders to Clinton: ‘You want to end American gun manufacturing’

In todays' various "Fact Checking" articles about last … "According to Politifact," Keane wrote at the time, "Clinton said the gun industry is 'the only business in America that is wholly protected from any kind of liability.'" Continue reading at

Business Management in the Local Church
Even though the local church isn’t in “business” per se, it is still a business–the Lord’s business. This valuable church refer…

Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (8th Edition)
For courses in Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship, New Venture Creation, and New Venture Management. The Foundati…

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: 10 Ways to Boost Employee Morale (For Employees, Managers, HR, and Small Business Owners) Company Culture Strategy by New Free World Books
Improving low morale in the workplace is possible, even easy in certain circumstances. Read this book and you’ll discover concise …

Business Management

Of airlines and privatization

Todays discussion seeks to drive home the point … Healthy competition and examples to emulate are always conducive for business. The problem here is that in Pakistan, there is no thriving private airline. Is this due to the lack of a strong regulator? Continue reading at

Millennials Have Nothing on Boomers When It Comes to Snacking, Reports The NPD Group

Millennials are the shining stars of todays marketplace but when it comes to snacking which is all the rage in the food industry its Boomers who shine, finds The NPD Group, a leading global information company. Boomers eat ready-to-eat snack food 20 … Continue reading at

Todays Social Media Challenge for Younger Generations

Image by Phil Roeder

New Book Reveals Secrets to Competing for Customers in the New Subscription Economy

Do todays business leaders really care about their customers success? The answer, according to a new book by a trio of experts, is clear: They had better care, or else theyll be risking a significant amount of revenue, in some cases as much as 70% … Continue reading at

A victim of the dot-com bust shares five pieces of advice for startups caught in today’s ‘bubble’

But then the bubble popped. “I’d hired these 100 people, and then I had to fire them all,” Crater tells Business Insider. “It was devasting. I felt like I ruined their lives.” The company officially shut down not long afterwards. Crater says it took her … Continue reading at

Nas Invested in a Company that Makes Protein Bars from Bugs

According to Business Insider, the company's New York-based co-founders Greg Sewitz and Gabi Lewis started experimenting with cricket-based food when they were seniors at Brown University. What is cricket flour? Ground up crickets. Sewitz and Lewis claim … Continue reading at

* Comedian Mark Malkoff talks to kids about Facebook and Twitter. The results were hilarious!

Business Management

Personal Finance Q&A: How do Social Security rule changes affect you?

Personal Finance Q&A: How do Social Security rule changes affect you?

Dear readers: The changes Congress made to the “claim now, claim more later” Social Security strategy generated so many questions from readers that I’m devoting a second column to answering some of those queries. Next week, we’ll get back to the usual mix … Continue reading at

How to budget effectively for Christmas

In the meantime, it's not too late to budget for Christmas. Julie Hutchison, a consumer finance expert at Standard Life, says the key is to make sure you're not trying to cover all your costs with your December pay packet or, worse still, January's. Continue reading at

Personal Finance: Your year-end financial checklist

It will begin soon enough - all those "beat the rush!" ads for holiday shopping, activities and events. Right now, you have a great opportunity to beat the rush to organize your year-end finances and make some smart moves for the New Year. Consider … Continue reading at


10 Reasons You Should Get a Personal Loan Before 2016

While you might typically get an auto loan to buy a car -- they tend to carry lower interest rates because the car is collateral -- sometimes a personal loan makes sense, like if you're buying a car that a lender typically wouldn't finance. Continue reading at

Pinch Like You Mean It! 101 Ways to Spend Less Money Now
Pinch Like You Mean It! is all about ways to spend less money. Why give so much of your hard-earned money away by spending it? G…

Personal Finance For Beginners In 30 Minutes, Volume 1: How to cut expenses, reduce debt, and better align spending & life’s priorities
UPDATED IN LATE 2015! If you are looking for a common-sense approach to personal finance and money management, then Personal Finan…

Budgeting: The How to Guide to Budgeting Become Debt Free Fast, Save Money, and Create Financial Freedom through Personal Finance and Money Management
Escape Debt and Create a New Financial Life for Yourself and Your Family!


Personal Finance QA How do Social Security rule changes affect you

Image by adawnjournal